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Do you want to play football ? Join a great club !!!

Paris Gaels is a Franco-Irish soccer club created in 1987 with international membership.

We need committed and talented players for our 11 a side team (FFF league) and 7 a side team (FSGT league).

We take our football seriously at training every Thursday evening, and matches on Sunday afternoons (11 a side) and Tuesday evenings (7 a side), but there’s a great atmosphere.

Paris Gaels is also a very social club. We usually have a drink together after training and matches, and we have frequent social events. So you are bound to make friends.

And there are our fantastic trips abroad every year. The last two were to Lituania and Croatia. Next year will be Brazil ! ... or Poland ... probably Poland.

And all we ask of you is just 4 things 1. Pay your licence fee before the start of the season in September 2. Be available every Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon/Tuesday evenings 3. Commit to the club

I have forgotten the fourth.

Licences for the season cost 150 Euros

Parc Des Sports
, La Courneuve (93120)

Jeudi De 19 h a 21 h Football Adulte

Paris Gaels (adresse principale)
Parc Des Sports Aubervilliers / La Courneuve., La Courneuve (93120)

Titre Prix Description Disciplines concernées
0.00 € 150 euros la licence. Football,